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UNICEF: Call Project Proposals on Social inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children from Roma Mahala

The overall goal of the new programme 2016-2020 is to support Kosovo* promote social inclusion particularly of the most vulnerable children, and to assure that communities, families, adolescents and young people are resilient, and have increased capacities for a meaningful participation in local and central governance systems.

To achieve this, an emphasis will be put on closing equity gaps between the majority of the population and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities; addressing gender, urban and rural disparities on issues affecting Children with disabilities through strategic engagement with central and local institutions; including a range of programme activities are planned to be carried out with close cooperation with the local authorities and communities in Mitrovica Region, which now includes the municipalities of Mitrovica/e, Vushtri/Vucitrn, Zubin Potok, Leposavic and Zvecan.

UNICEF Office is inviting civil society organizations (CSOs) to submit proposals with actions aimed at achieving specific results outlined in the detailed Call for Proposals which can be found in the overview/vacancies section of the UNICEF Kosovo Programme website www.unicef.org/kosovoprogramme, together with the application forms and Terms of reference.

Potential applicants should submit application forms (in a sealed envelope) consisting of:

A)    Partner Declaration
B)    CSO Identification Profile
C)    Program Proposal with Budget (all documents can be found within the detailed Call for Proposals published on www.unicef.org/kosovoprogramme, or through email prishtina@unicef.org 

The proposals must be delivered in a sealed envelope to UNICEF office, Rexhep Mala No.7 Prishtine/Pristina  by October 19th 2017, at 12:00 with the remark: Proposals on
Social inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children from Roma Mahala

In accordance with UNICEF Rules and Regulations, the selection and the reasons for making the selection are UNICEF's internal decision, and information about other applicants or their proposals must not be divulged.

The invitation for submission of proposals does not obligate signing of the contract with applicants, nor does it assume the obligation to pay the costs of preparing the proposals. UNICEF accepts no responsibility for undelivered expressions of interest, and will not accept proposals after the closing date and time. For further information please contact us at prishtina@unicef.org